Tools of the Trade

You might be wondering how I make furniture and what tools I use in my workshop …

Using a combination of modern and traditional tools helps me to produce bespoke kitchens and furniture to a standard that I am proud of.

A plane is one of the most important tools in a furniture maker’s tool box. This image shows the bottom of the plane and blade, lying beside some shavings which are created when I run the plane over the surface of the wood.

Traditional hand tools

The traditional hand tools include a full range of different size mortice and pairing chisels, cabinet scrapes, a variety of hand planes and hand saws and also a full range of measuring gauges.

One of my first saws - you can’t wark without them!

Modern machinery

The modern machinery consists of crosscut and panel saws, planer thicknessers, mortisers, tenoners, a drum sander and a large bandsaw.

One of my modern machines used all the time is a table saw
This is a master craftsman of the highest standards who was a delight to work with.
— Vivien & Neil Hudson