Making Dovetail Joints

Dovetail joints are the strongest joints you can use in furniture making. That’s why I use them for all my kitchen & furniture drawers which are all hand made in solid wood.

Hand cut dovetail joints before cleaning up and fitting

The joints above were hand made by me, but I rarely use them when making numerous drawers for a fitted kitchen as they take time and skill to cut and fit. To cut the cost of mass making kitchen drawers I use a special machine to roughly cut the joints which I then hand finish and fit. In my video you can see how this works.

I will, however, hand make dovetail joints for a bespoke piece of furniture if the client stipulates that is what they want.

The quality, detail and finish of Eddies work is in our opinion second to none.
— Rebecca Hill
Rough machine cut dovetail joints before hand cleaning
The finished kitchen drawers showing dovetail joints