Bespoke Furniture and Kitchens Handmade in Devon

Made by Me

The cabinetry is handmade by me out of solid timber from sustainable sources. I use traditional and modern methods to construct the furniture to a customer's specifications and needs.

All of my furniture and kitchens are made specially to order by me and I take every little detail into account.  I am not bound by standard sizes or particular styles which allows me, along with my client, to create the perfect piece or kitchen specifically for you.  For instance bespoke features such as wine racks, cutlery drawers, integral appliances and unique finishing details can be included in your design.

Ergonomic Kitchens

An ergonomic kitchen is essential to your enjoyment in cooking and family life so I work with you to create bespoke storage, personal to how you like to work in your own kitchen. My method of construction and design creates furniture and kitchens that stand the test of time resulting in the ideal environment to cook and live life to the full.

a complete service

It all starts with a complementary visit to your home to establish your exact needs. From there I produce a design for your agreement together with a quote which is not subject to any V.A.T. I offer a complete service from the design of the furniture drawn by me on a traditional drawing board, to the making of the piece and, in the case of my kitchens, the final fitting as well.

 Work does not commence until we are both happy with the design.


check out the video below to find out more about me, my workshop & how I work


My Workshop & how I work

My workshop in North Devon houses a full collection of hand tools and modern machinery which is used to produce the quality furniture and kitchens that you see here.  The products are are built on solid wood carcasses and hand made by me using a variety of timber from sustainable sources.  

The Process

There are many processes involved in producing a quality piece of bespoke furniture ...

  • A client's ideas are sketched out and then worked up into scaled drawings of the finished article.

  • A cutting list is produced before selecting the timber - English and European hardwoods are mainly used but timbers can be sourced from all around the world

  • Once the timber is selected, boards are cut and machined to cutting list dimensions

  • The different components are jointed and cut by hand or machine

  • the components are then fitted at the bench before being assembled

  • Every piece is finished and sanded

  • Finally a “finish” is applied, depending on clients instructions. This can be a water and heat resistant oil, wax, polish or paint

quality is key

I can produce photographs of previous commissions and, if required, arrange for you to view previous pieces or kitchens in situ.

I pride myself on the quality and high standards of my work and the service I give to all my customers.


You’ll find My workshop located deep in the hills of North Devon, close to chulmleigh in the parish of Ashreighney, nestling between Exmoor & Dartmoor.