Cottage Painted Kitchen
My Latest Kitchen has just been finished in a small country cottage on the edge of Dartmoor, It is made of American Popular and painted , the handles are a brushed bronze colour and are the clients choice, the kitchen consist of dovetail drawers fitted on soft close runners, cupboard space and a fitted space for the washing machine. The work top is made of 40mm Oak slaves and has a traditional belfast sink fitted in it. On the oppisite wall a small dresser is fitted in the same style.

English Ash Kitchen
My Latest Ash Kitchen

Maple and painted Kitchen
This Kitchen is made of solid Maple, it has a small round bead ( Known as a cock bead ) running around the front frames to give it some fine detail, the doors are a flat panel design set within a mortice and tenon frame and hung on traditional chrome butt hinges, which match the chrome coloured door and drawer pulls, it incorporates a range of dovetailed drawers fitted on soft close runners. the units are then finished with a 30mm thick slate worktop.

Oak Kitchen
This solid oak kitchen has finally had its top cupboards fitted. It is finished off with a flat cornice fitted around the ceilings beams, each cupboard has a shelf fitted within it and the flat panel mortice and tenon doors are hung on traditional brass butt hinges with the same matching hand forged handles as the bass units.

Oak Kitchen
This latest solid oak kitchen has a stunning red quartz worktop fitted to it, it also incorporates large dovetailed drawers fitted with soft close runners with black forged handles. It has a double belfast sink with cupboard space below it and a very large corner cupboard at one end. The top cupboard are due to be fitted in the near future

Solid Oak Kitchen
My latest oak kitchen, the kitchen features a range of pan drawers and smaller drawers for cutlery and cooking products all fitted on soft close runners, it has a integrated dishwasher and tall fridge. The cupboard space is divided between a large corner unit, space under the sink and a wall unit each of which is fitted with a raised and fielded panel set within a scribe rail and stile frame door. On the end is fitted a tall drawer and eye level oven unit.. The top is a 30mm light granite with an unusually small sink fitted under it and a drainer cut into the surface, the handles are of brushed steel and the whole kitchen is finished with a water and heat resistant oil.

Painted glass cabinets
This painted glass cabinet is one of two which is made of Ash to match a an existing kitchen.

Oak Kitchen
Showing large pan drawers and integrated fridge

Oak Kitchen
Description below

Oak Kitchen
This latest set of photos show are latest oak kitchen which is fitted in a very old Devon thatch property who's walls and floor were somewhat of a challenge when it came to fitting it as they were so uneven, it incorporates a large Belfast sink an integrated fridge and dishwasher, two large corner cupboards, other storage cupboards under the sink and to the left of the fridge, some very large pan drawers and cutlery drawers. The drawer and door handles are of forged steel with a black waxed hammered finished, the units are finished in oil which is water and heat resistant and the work tops are of 30mm thick polished dark gray slate.

English Ash Kitchen
See Description below

English Ash Kitchen
This picture shows a set of 3 big top cupboards of which one has a open bottom double plate rack in it which drains down on to a angled drainer

English Ash Kitchen
This English Ash kitchen incorporates 16 drawers ranging from two cutlery drawers, too big pan drawers all fitted on self close runners for ease of use. It has three big top cupboards, two with shelves for storage the third hides an open bottom double plate rack which drains on to a drainer connected to the double Belfast sink unit. The client used her existing cooker to fit in between drawer units. The cupboard doors are a flat panel design set within a hunched mortice's and tenon frame and hung on stainless steel traditional butt hinges,the work surfaces are 32mm thick English Ash ( a welcome change from the popular granite of late) On a separate wall are a range of Ash shelves fitted on ash hangman brackets, under them is another ash work top which has a washing machine, drier and fridge stored under it. The whole kitchen is finished in a water and heat resistant oil

English Ash Kitchen Units
This kitchen has just been made and fitted in a small cottage and had to incorporate a lot of things in a small space, this picture shows 2 large pan drawers and a smaller drawer for cutlery , the corner cupboard doors are hung on the left hand side with the smaller door hung on the big door so as to give maximum opening space

English Ash Kitchen Units
Same kitchen as above showing eye level oven unit and top cupboards.

English Ash Kitchen Units

English Ash Kitchen Units
Same kitchen as above showing kitchen sink set within the 30mm granite worktop

English Ash Kitchen Units
Another veiw of the ash kitchen

Hand Painted Sink Unit
This hand painted sink unit is made of American Popular and incorporates a Dishwasher and a Stainless Steel Belfast Sink. It has a 30mm thick granite top with a drainer cut directly into the granite it also has storage space under the sink.

Hand Painted Kitchen
This hand painted free standing kitchen is made of America Popular and encorporats a fitted oven unit with seperate hob, cut into the 30mm thick solid granite top. The unit has ample cupboard space with fitted flat panel mortice and tennon doors, the drawers are fitted on soft close runners and have stainless steel drawer knobs

Solid Maple Plate Rack
Solid maple plate rack made to fit the clients plates and bowls. The rack consists of 100 individually made spindles and the curved sides, backs and shelves are designed to match the curved brackets used in the rest of the kitchen design.

Maple and Granite kitchen sink unit
Maple and Granite kitchen sink unit incorporating six large drawers fitted on soft close runners. The sink is a large double belfast sink and the granite top is deeper than usual at an impressive 800mm, the unit is finished in a blend of finishing oils and waxed to give extra protection.

Maple and Granite Centre Island
Solid Maple centre island with Granite top Encorporating 12 large drawers on soft close drawer runners with solid Pantine metal drawer pulls. The Island has a 30mm thick Granite top made from one peice with a 18inch over hang for use as a Breakfast Bar also set in at each end are a 30mm thick solid beech chopping blocks for food preperation. The Island is finished in a blend of oils which are water and heat resistant and then waxed for extra protection.

English Ash Sink Unit
English Ash Sink unit with solid granite work top, the top incorporates a single drainer cut into the granite and a double Belfast sink. The unit consists of a curved cupboard doors made out of 8 peices of 3mm thick ash formed and lamimated in a former to form the curved top and bottom rails The unit also features under sink cupboard space and drawers fitted on soft close runners.

Painted centre Island
Painted centre Island, made of American Popular with a 40mm thick Solid Cheery Top The Island encorporates a Belfast sink at one end and a Breakfast bar at the other with an hand carved Cheery leg in the centre. Inside the Island there is a washing machine and a fridge

Ash & Black Granite Kitchen
American ash and black granite kitchen comprising of a huge dresser with a solid 30mm thick American Ash top, it also has a built in computer station and plenty of storage space, it is finished in water and heat resistant oil and has modern brushed steel handles .

American Ash and Black granite centre Island
This Island is made of solid American ash with a 30mm thick African black granite work surface, it incorporates a small stainless steel food preparation sink with stainless steel mixer tap. The body of the island incorporates an Integrated fridge at one end and a integrated dishwasher at the other, it also has good size drawers for cooking pans and other kitchen essentials. On the opposite side there are good size cupboards hidden behind sliding doors to save space in the kitchen when opening the doors.

English Ash curved cupboard and door
The end cupboard unit of this solid English Ash kitchen is totally hand made to the clients specification's, the top and bottom rails of the door as well as the top and bottom rails of the cabinet and the kick back are formed by laminating 9 pieces of 2.5mm thick English Ash together in a former to create the cupboard, a curved shelf inside is then added to create more storage space, the whole unit is then finished of with a 30mm thick curved light grey granite work top.

English Ash Kitchen Units
English Ash Kitchen units showing double Belfast sink and made to measure plate rack. The rack is made to the clients specifications and has a solid tongue and grove back, the plate dividing spindles are 10mm square and are each individually made and mortise and tenon in place. The rack also has a shelf on top for extra storage

English ash units
English ash units showing curved cupboard doors and an eye level oven unit, below the oven is an intergrated fridge and above the oven is a cupboard for a microwave

English Ash kitchen units
English Ash kitchen units showing a larder cupboard with two drawers. Inside the cupbord behind the doors are a further two cutlary drawers and storage space.

English Ash kitchen Units
English Ash kitchen showing a double Belfast sink, which has a fluted front, to the left of the sink unit is a integrated dishwasher and to the right is a drawer and cupboard space underneath. The units are fitted with a 30mm thick pale grey granite top and are finished in oil. The drawers and doors have solid hammered knobs in a pan tine finish.

English Ash made to measure plate rack
English Ash made to measure plate rack. This double rack was made to fit the clients plates and bowls it consists of solid 10mm square ash spindles which are mortise and tenon into the ash bases and top and bottoms, the back is made of tongue and grove ash boards and the bottom has cup hooks fitted, the rack is then finished in oil.

English Ash Units
These units are solid English ash and consist of drawers fitted on soft close runners, the doors are made of flat panels set within a hunched,rebated mortise and tenon frame,both the doors and drawers are fitted with brush steel handles. The worktops are 30mm thick English ash and have a small stainless steel sink for preparing vegetables rebated into them, the units are then finished in finishing oil which is water and heat resistant.

Painted centre island
Another view of the painted island with the solid cheery top featured above, in the back round can be seen matching cupboards either side of the cooker.

American Ash centre island
Another view of the American Ash and black granite centre island featured above.

American Popular painted centre island
This centre island is made of American popular and then painted, it has a 40mm thick solid beech top and incorporates 4 drawers fitted with soft close runners, the doors which cover the cupboard space are raised and fielded panel design within a moulded frame, both ends of the island are also raised and fielded panels and have a wooden hand made tea towel rail fitted.

Solid oak kitchen
Solid oak kitchen units incorporating tongue and grove arced doors with a traditional scratch bead moulding set within a rebated mortice and tenon frame. The kitchen has a Integrated fridge and dishwasher and a stainless steel sink and drainer set within a 30mm thick black and silver granite worktop, also within the granite is set an electric hob with the oven below and a extractor fan above, the doors are fitted with antique brass door pulls and the kitchen is finished in oil

Large oak kitchen dresser
This large oak kitchen dresser was made as part of the clients oak kitchen it has curved mortise and tenon framed doors with tongue and grove boards in the centre with a traditional scratch bead moulded on the edge, it has 4 drawers fitted with traditional wood runners, the top section has 2 glass framed doors with leaded divisions, inside are adjustable glass shelves fitted on brass shelf studs, the centre of the top is open with wooden shelves, the door drops and drawer handles are antique brass the whole piece is finished in oil and waxed.

Oak and glass kitchen units
These oak glazed kitchen cabinets have cottage style motice and tenon framed glass doors, solid wood shelves and rebated cabinet lights in the top.

Solid Oak Kitchen
These next group of pictures show probably the biggest kitchen ebfurniture has made. The kitchen is solid oak and is made of raised and fielded panels in a moulded frame design, it has 28 drawers fitted on soft close runners an integrated dishwasher and fridge and a hand made curved cupboard and door. The work tops are of 30mm thick and 700mm wide granite.

Oak centre island
The center island has two drawers and cupboard space it also has 4 electric sockets and a very clever cut out in the granite to take the cable from whatever kitchen appliance is being used

Oak centre island
Showing overhanging granite top breakfast bar

Made to measure plate rack
This plate rack was made to fit the plates in it and has a open bottom so as to allow the plates to drain on to the drainer it has 2 small cupboards either side and a shelf on top.

Oak kitchen units
Showing curved end units,drawers and intragrated dishwasher also a range of top units.

Solid Oak Kitchen
Another veiw of the above kitchen.

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